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We make
student success
a team sport

by leveraging the power of teamwork and competition to increase motivation and improve student outcomes

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Our Purpose

In terms of increasing student outcomes, Team Excel is a slam dunk, a home run, and a touchdown—all in one. Team Excel help schools and nonprofit organizations get students off the sidelines and into the game by applying innovative solutions and leveraging the power of teamwork. Our model makes student success fun, engaging, and results driven.


Our Solution

To administrators and teachers, Team Excel is the easy-to-implement solution that leverages the power of teamwork and competition to improve student outcomes and increase volunteerism. That’s because we:

Build a team

We provide or complement your life skills curriculum, connect students with coaches and mentors to build a caring support system, and help them work towards their goals in and out of the classroom.

Make it fun

Our platform gamifies student success metrics like academics, attendance, community service and more to make learning and personal development a fun and healthy competition.

Get results

Through our solution, students become more engaged, find a sense of belonging, and perform better.

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Our Partners

It takes a village to motivate and inspire our next generation of leaders, and our community engagement support leverages technology to provide a fun and efficient way to engage partners. This makes it easy for corporations, universities, civic groups, and private citizens to support the students, teachers and staff of local school districts and nonprofits in a way that is fun and exciting.

Ways to engage

  • Group Mentoring

  • Guest Speaker

  • Facilitator

  • Career Day

  • Service Learning

  • Prizes & Incentives

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Alton Coston, Former student

Whether it was a team session or community event, Team Excel provided multiple occasions to be heard and find my true authentic voice.


Jesse Casey, Principal

After we introduced Team Excel, we noticed students holding each other accountable and taking ownership of their success.