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Team Excel leverages the power of teamwork and competition to increase motivation and improve student outcomes. And, we have fun doing it.

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Our Story

Team Excel started as a program under the Excel to Excellence nonprofit organization in 2014. After years of remarkable outcomes to include a 27% increase in GPA for the initial student cohort, Team Excel transitioned to an independent entity in order to focus on scaling the model to support schools, universities, and nonprofits around the world.

We have rebranded, retooled, and are ready to serve!


How does it work?

Team Excel gamifies student success metrics to turn learning and personal development into a fun and healthy competition. Through the platform, student teams earn points and compete based on metrics such as academics, attendance, community service and more. 

For maximum impact, the competition is supported by a life skills curriculum and mentoring support. 


Key Benefits


Increased Engagement

When students are supported by peers and caring adults, they show up and engage.

Peer-to-Peer Accountability

Students find a sense of belonging and build trust as they become accountable to one another, and strive for a common goal.

Improved Outcomes

When success metrics are reinforced in a fun and engaging way such as a competition, they perform.

Proven Results

In addition to increasing academic achievement, research revealed improvements in the following areas:

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Students moved from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation

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Academic Motivation​​

Students were motivated to do better in the classroom

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Students spent more time volunteering

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Students perceived themselves as better leaders

Gamification + SEL + Mentoring

To maximize the impact, a full Team Excel implementation includes social emotional learning and mentoring support.

Social-Emotional Learning

Team Excel can serve a compliment to existing SEL programming, or customize a curriculum based on our PlayBook for Success framework. 

Mentor Engagement

The Team Excel app allows mentors and student teams to communicate through their mobile devices in a safe, monitored environment. Increased mentor engagement fosters healthy relationships with caring adults.


Our Customers

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K-12 Education

Compliments student success initiatives, mentoring programs, and student-athlete academic supports

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Higher Ed

Supports student athlete development programming and student success initiatives for high risk students



Enhances or adds programming to create an element of fun competition, while providing data and outcomes



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Alton Coston, Former student

Whether it was a team session or community event, Team Excel provided multiple occasions to be heard and find my true authentic voice.


Jesse Casey, Principal

After we introduced Team Excel, we noticed students holding each other accountable and taking ownership of their success.